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Dress Code For Casinos In 2020

Gambling is almost as old as society itself. Playing cards date back to the 9th century and even Poker is based on a 17th-century Persian game called As-Nas.
It was just a matter of time before a place was invented that housed all these gambling games under one roof and even casinos have been around for longer than many people would think.

From the first Casino to Today

The oldest casino is the Casino Di Venezia in Venice that opened its doors all the way back in 1638. Others include the Casino de Spa that was originally established in 1763 and has gone through a number of transformations, one due to fire damage.

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There is no mistaking the popularity of casinos and they have definitely stood the test of time, but there are still many of us that have never set foot in one. Particularly now, there are so many online casinos to choose from. However, if you do choose to experience a night out at a casino then you are probably aware that there are certain dress codes.

 Casinos Clientele

Casinos were once seen as a playground for the rich and they quite happily could afford to follow casino etiquette and protocol. The customers that casinos attracted were happy to show off their wealth when they visited these establishments and being dressed in your best became the norm.

Thanks to films like Casino Royale, this has only reinforced this view and a large number of people still think that visiting a casino is the dressing equivalent of a night at the opera. Whilst this maybe true of some establishment, you do not have to dress like James Bond to visit one.

However, all bricks and mortar establishments have a dress code that customers must adhere to, otherwise, they will find their night beginning and ending at the casino entrance. Most want their customers to be smart or smart casual to suit the plush casino environment and smartly dressed staff.

 Casinos Dress-Code in 2020

Things have got a little more relaxed now that casinos are mainstream in and this is still the case in 2020. Women should dress to impress and wear similar clothing as they would if they were going to a restaurant.

Dresses should not be too raunchy and should leave exposed flesh to a minimum, yet it makes you look good. Outfits that can be complemented with a little jewellery and contain colours that are not too vibrant work best.

Unfortunately men have a far more limited choice when it comes to dressing for a night out at a casino than women do. It’s pretty much smart casual suits and if you are not going to a high-classed establishment then smart jeans and a smart shirt are usually adequate.

There are some casinos that allow more freedom in their Poker Rooms and this adheres to popular Poker Culture. In these rooms, hoodies and sunglasses are permitted.

Final Thoughts

Men and women should dress smartly to impress and sportswear like tracksuit bottoms should be left at home, this is the simplest way of obeying the dress codes of casinos in 2020.

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